PayPal in 2015: Reshaping the Financial Services Landscape

Case Solution

Robert Burgelman, Robert Siegel, Henry Lippincott
Stanford Graduate School of Business ()

The case follows PayPal, a digital payment platform that successfully processed online payments for eBay purchases early on and acquired the company in 2002. The case begins by describing eBay’s decision in 2014 to spin off PayPal and the strategic challenges it faces. faces the new company, CEO Dan Schulman, who ran into major strategic problems that led to PayPal as an independent company. When the eBay split was completed in July 2015, PayPal was in the midst of several years of technology shakeup. Additionally, the digital payments landscape had changed dramatically, extending beyond e-commerce to mobile payments, global transfers, peer-to-peer transfers, and offline transactions. The case represents several tests Schulman faces, including how to quickly innovate in a large company, how to recreate the PayPal vision, and how to successfully collaborate and compete with new entrants to the market.

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