Parfums Cacharel de L’Oréal 1997-2007: Decoding and Revitalizing a Classic Brand

Case Solution

Pierre Chandon, Rowell Nicholas, Klaus Wertenbroch

Parfums Cacharel, a division of L’Oréal, had a dominant position in the European market with the number one and number two of the best-selling fragrances: Anaïs Anaïs and Loulou held a dominant position of 15% per year and Cacharel was a brand The job of Dimitri Katsachnias, Cacharel’s new managing director, is to turn the business around, but first he has to change the brand. Deciphering the brand identity • What is the Cacharel brand identity? What are its conceptual and tangible components? Can it be summarized in less than five words? • Does the Cacharel umbrella brand itself have an identity beyond that of its sub-brands? What sub-brands are the main responsible for the identity of Cacharel? 2. Brand revitalization • What is the root of Cacharel’s maturity crisis and how can understanding the brand identity help? • Should Kataschnias bring the Cacharel brand closer to the current market? In case you are concentrating on serving the needs of today’s consumers or staying true to the original brand identity, students can view the television ads mentioned in the case on the special case website: http: / / / home. On this website, speakers can also access video interviews with the managers named in the case, recent television commercials and PowerPoint presentations for the classroom or as handouts with the username and password specified in the letter from the lesson .

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