Pacari Chocolate Ecuador: B(enefits) Certification

Case Solution

Nathaniel Lupton, Angelica Sanchez-Riofrio, Connie Palma-Reyes
Ivey Publishing ()

Pacari was the flagship brand for SKS Farms, a small produce company in Ecuador that specializes in high-quality chocolate. Carla Barbotó and Santiago Peralta were co-owners of this family business, which was originally founded to promote Ecuadorian fine-flavored chocolate while promoting social development and preserving biodiversity. In 2018, Carla Barbotó read the report on her company’s recent successful application to become a certified “B” (benefits) company. Although the company slightly exceeded the certification mark, the report contained new and, in some cases, somewhat unexpected suggestions. Now Barboto wondered how to use comprehensive and highly detailed feedback to prioritize initiatives and ensure that Pacari delivers even more benefits to its many stakeholders.

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