Outdoor Digital Media in China: Tulip Mega Media in the Run-Up to the Beijing Olympics

Case Solution

Qiu Cheng, Josephine Lau
University of Hong Kong ()

In the run-up to the Beijing Olympics, China’s $ 5.714 billion outdoor advertising market, as well as the city itself, were completely overhauled. With the advancement of communication technologies, China’s outdoor media scene has brought more and more digitally-driven media formats to the market that are geared toward capturing an increasingly mobile population. The government’s streetscape redesign initiative had enabled significant consolidation of the previously decentralized Chinese outdoor media market and redefined the competitive landscape, resulting in a handful of key players. Tulip Mega Media was founded in 1998 by retired Chinese Olympic swimming champion Zhuang Yong and his partner Wang Min. Until July 2008, Tulip Mega Media’s presence not only included Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, but also extended to a total of 12 major cities in China. Its direct competitor Advision, another Shanghai-based outdoor digital media company, competed with Tulip Mega Media in acquiring world-class media locations and raising capital from the capital market. Could Tulip Mega Media rise to the challenge and replicate the success of some of its predecessors, such as Focus Media and AirMedia?

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