Orbital Sciences Corp.: ORBCOMM

Case Solution

Das Narayandas, John A. Quelch
Harvard Business School ()

In late 1993, Orbital Communications Corp. (OCC), a subsidiary of Orbital Sciences Corp., launched a two-way global wireless data communications system called “ORBCOMM” based on a constellation of 26 satellites in low Earth orbit. The service is scheduled to begin in the US in late 1994, followed by a rollout to international markets in 1995. The case focuses on OCC’s marketing strategy in the years prior to the availability of the product / service. . Provides details on how the company defined its markets and estimated demand for the US and international markets. There is also an in-depth discussion of other parts of OCC’s marketing strategy, including product design and development, marketing for regulators, developing the sales organization to engage distributors in the domestic and international market, pricing strategy and the role of competition. A rewritten version of a previous case.

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