Optimizing Flu Vaccine Planning at NorthShore University HealthSystem

Case Solution

Sarang Deo, Ilya Kolesov, Sachin Waikar
Kellogg School of Management ()

Stan Kent, vice president of pharmacy for NorthShore University HealthSystem, faces the challenge of seasonal planning for the flu vaccine. The multi-site healthcare system supply is unreliable in terms of time and quantity. As part of an improved plan, Kent is considering a new contract with NorthShore’s premier flu vaccine supplier. Options considered include setting the delivery date or delivery quantity. The most important decision with either option would be how much vaccine to order. The case also details the seasonal flu epidemic in the United States, illustrates the operational complexities of the U.S. flu vaccine supply chain, and provides a brief overview of the various channels through which it is distributed. flu vaccine to end users.

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