Ocean Tomo: Building a Market for Intellectual Property

Case Solution

Andrei Hagiu, Peter A. Coles, Alison Berkley Wagonfeld
Harvard Business School ()

Ocean Tomo’s management team wanted the company to be the main intellectual property broker. Despite its increasingly important role in the global marketplace, intellectual property remained a notoriously illiquid asset that was difficult to value, difficult to trade, and often underused by owners. CEO Jim Malackowski and his colleagues hoped to capitalize on this inefficiency by designing and operating innovative markets for intellectual property. After a successful live IP auction in spring 2008 (62% of the 85 lots were sold for a total of US $ 19.6 million), Ocean Tomo had to decide which of its five business areas highlight. In fact, Ocean Tomo was designed from the beginning as a “one-stop-shop” for IP services with five interconnected businesses. Which of these services offered Ocean Tomo the greatest market opportunity? How should the company allocate its scarce resources (it had not yet applied for external funding) to achieve the highest possible leverage in the future?

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