Nirvana Vihar Rehabilitation Homes

Case Solution

Shawn Cole, Andreas Rotenberg, Thomas van den Aarssen
Harvard Business School ()

Kumar Builders KUL was nearing completion of the four luxury condo towers that marked the first phase of his bold vision for the redevelopment of more than 70 acres of premium real estate in downtown Pune, India. The Nirvana Hills development also included working with the Slum Redevelopment Authority to relocate and construct tower-like apartments on the site for at least 20,000 slum dwellers and to restore much of the site as green space. At the request of President Lalitkumar Jain, the KUL project team had met to discuss planning for Phase II, a massive mixed-use project of more than 7.2 million square feet of residential and commercial construction at market rates. Kruti Jain, Lalitkumar’s 28-year-old daughter and CEO of KUL, and her team must weigh many decisions, including the right mix of uses for Phase II, determining the correct phase, evaluating a potential partnership, and cultivating relationships with the neighborhood. poor. community, which benefits from development.

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