Newlight Technologies: Plastics for a Carbon Negative Future

Case Solution

Daina Mazutis, Daniel Day
IMD ()

The Newlight Technologies event is scheduled for the end of 2013. Newlight received the Biomaterial Innovation of the Year award from novaInstitut GmbH at the Cologne International Conference on Industrial Biotechnology and Bio-Based Plastics and Composites. The company has a small pilot plant with enzymatic catalysts for the production of PHA bioplastic, which has a wide range of applications for products in the plastics industry. The pilot plant can produce enough resin to test products for multiple end users at the same time. The innovative process is the result of ten years of research and the result promises to be one of the first biopolymers to be economically competitive with petrochemicals in terms of price and performance. The case provides details on the global industry and includes information on the scope and reach of companies throughout the value chain, including market segmentation and resin prices.

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