Navigauge: A Disruptive Innovation to Measure Car Radio Listening

Case Solution

Srinivas K. Reddy, Kevin Sproule
Singapore Management University ()

Navigauge, a startup specializing in radio market research, has developed a tool that enables high-quality, accurate and location-based radio market research. This cutting edge technology in radio market research is reflected in a positive, albeit cautious, article in the New York Times in September 2004, which kept listeners in a diary of the radio programs they listened to each month. Navigauge has successfully completed a test of its new technology on 500 cars in the test market and is now looking to expand. The case begins with the founders preparing to introduce their new company to secure a much-needed third round of venture funding. Although the new technology is revolutionary, it does not yet have to attract customers. Readers are challenged to make this small business a success in the United States and to revolutionize the automotive stereos research industry.

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