Mr. KLM (A): Jacob Veldhuyzen

Case Solution

Ulf Schafer, Jan Hagen, Christoph Burger
ESMT - European School of Management & Technology ()

The three-part case study “Mr. KLM “tells the story of the deadliest plane crash in the world: the accident of two Boeing 747s in Tenerife in 1977. The case describes both the real events that led to the disaster and the main character and protagonist, KLM captain Jacob” Jaap “. Veldhuyzen van Zanten to explain the fact that there were actually two accidents that day: the plane crash and the accident of “Mr. KLM”, Jacob Veldhuyzen van Zanten. The case illustrates the paradigm of a homogeneous rationality that, in an unusual situation, seems to jettison the principles of rationality while reverting to choices and behaviors that are better understood in light of intuitive, thoughtless, biased decision-making. or irrational. The case serves to illustrate the findings and principles of social psychology, irrational decision-making theory, and behavioral economics.

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