Motivated Reasoning, Leadership and Team Performance

Case Solution

Syed Salman Ahmad, Sheetanshu Mishra, Santosh Kumar
Ivey Publishing ()

This case revolves around the experience of an MBA student at an Indian business school. The student is dynamic, capable and willing to perform, but his search for recognition ultimately hampers the learning and performance of the team and her team. The case is based on an event that occurs within a course of organizational conduct where the student makes a serious mistake when analyzing a case because he has to demonstrate his competence and validate himself. This affects his and his team’s performance on an assigned task. After the event, the student and members of her team reflect on the events that led to this failure. They also take MyersBriggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Fundamental Relationship Orientation Behavior (FIROB) scores to determine their personality preferences and interpersonal needs that may have affected team functioning.

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