Mobiuspace: Venturing into Emerging Markets

Case Solution

Dai Yao, Xingyu Chen, Li Ji, Ling Jiang, Shijie Lu
Ivey Publishing ()

In mid-2019, Mobiuspace, a Chinese internet company, faced a new challenge. As a result of declining sales in domestic mobile Internet markets, foreign markets offered new opportunities. In 2009, Snaptube, a short video aggregation and distribution platform that featured Mobiuspace as its flagship product, seized the opportunity to grow in emerging markets by creating personalized and localized video content. Despite the initial success of the company with its expansion strategy, the CEO of Mobiuspace had yet to figure out how to achieve sustainable profitability and long-term growth. In particular, he needed to increase user participation and diversify the company’s sources of income. How would you achieve all of your goals?

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