Migros Turkey: Scaling Online Operations During COVID-19 (C)

Case Solution

Antonio Moreno, Gamze Yucaoglu
Harvard Business School ()

The case will be opened in August 2020 when Ozgur Tort and Mustafa Bartin, CEO and director of large format and online retailer of Migros Ticaret A.S. (Migros), the oldest and one of the largest supermarket chain in Turkey, is navigating Migros through COVID19 and the unprecedented surge in demand for groceries online. Between the first official case in Turkey in March and August, customers flocked to shop online and Migros teams were busy solving picking, fulfillment and logistics bottlenecks. Over the six months, the company recruited and trained new order pickers, expanded its delivery fleet, and converted less-frequented stores into dark stores. Migros was able to quickly gain new customers and was proud of what it had accomplished. Now, since Migros cannot predict how strong online demand will continue, how should the future of Sanal Markt and Hemen be planned? Was there anything the company could do to maintain the number of hybrid buyers it had gained in recent months?

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