Mighty Jaxx Rocks to an Agile Beat: Toys as Art

Case Solution

A. Lee Gilbert
ABCC at Nanyang Tech University ()

Mighty Jaxx was founded in 2012 as a Singapore startup valued at $ 20,000. By 2018, the company worked with global brands and had annual sales of nearly S $ 5 million. However, the growing sales volume, the short product cycle for limited production quantities and the increasingly global reach of the young company not only had its 20 employees, who are organized according to a traditional “waterfall” model. in sales, design, production and logistics, but well beyond its limits. As the holiday season approached in December 2017, Mighty Jaxx founder Jackson Aw knew his team would miss out on several key delivery promises. Jackson publicly apologized to his product collectors and then reorganized his studio on the popular agile software development model known as “Scrum.” Three product-oriented “sprint teams,” operating in parallel over a month-long cycle, focused on meeting deadlines. While Jackson expected this new structure to improve internal and external communications and help Mighty Jaxx achieve its growth and service quality goals, it felt increasing signs of dissatisfaction from employees.

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