Microsoft’s Go-to-market Strategy for Azure in India

Case Solution

Reema Gupta, Deepa Mani, Aditya Shah, Sujata Ramachandran, Vivek Singh
Ivey Publishing ()

โ€œThe case will be determined in mid-2009, about six months before the planned global launch of Microsoft Azure. Microsoft India Cloud Computing Group Director reflects on the relative pros and cons of launching Azure in India at the same time as in the rest of the world. Cloud computing represents a paradigm shift in the information technology (IT) industry that is fundamentally changing the way software and services are delivered to an end user’s desktop. Azure is Microsoft’s offering in this space, offering software and infrastructure as a service and a platform for the development of new applications according to a Payperuse model. Microsoft has always made its products available to users in the traditional licensing model, and Azure would be a paradigm shift from a one-time license fee and periodic maintenance contracts to a flexible and independent model of use, not only technically but also in terms of business model. The director had to decide whether the emerging Indian market was ready to embrace this new technology and business model. He also had to decide which Indian industry segments Microsoft Azure should target. There were many reasons why the Indian market seemed very lucrative. On the other hand, there were concerns such as the current weak uptake of IT, rampant piracy, low-to-medium infrastructure availability (essential for Azure’s success), such as power and broadband penetration in India, and the Attitude “doitforme” of the Indian businessman, which translated into significant upfront costs in terms of time and awareness-raising effort. ”

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