Micro Labs Limited: Planning for the Future

Case Solution

Anand K. Joshi, Madhavi Lokhande, G. R. Savitha
Ivey Publishing ()

The pharmaceutical industry prides itself on being the second fastest growing industry in India; by 2015 it will be the third largest industry in the world. One of its key players, Micro Labs Limited, was founded to offer quality health products at an affordable price. From supplying antibacterial antiseptics and vitamins to the local market, the company has expanded nationally and internationally in areas such as ophthalmology, heart disease, diabetes, neuropsychiatry, dermatology, pediatrics, and gynecology. It not only trains specialists in its various sectors, but also places a strong emphasis on the research and development of new drugs and their international approval. The founder’s sons have taken over the company and must now decide how to maintain their competitive advantage and achieve their goal of becoming a billion dollar company while respecting and enhancing their father’s vision for the brand.

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