Medfield Pharmaceuticals

Case Solution

Marc Lipson, Jenny Mead, Jared Harris
Darden School of Business ()

Susan Johnson, founder and CEO of Medfield Pharmaceuticals, faces conflicting recommendations to extend the patent term of the company’s flagship product, Fleximat, whose patent is expected to expire in two years. With only three other products in Medfield’s drug portfolio, one of which has just received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration, the strategic management of the company’s product portfolio is of the utmost importance. But a recent $ 750 million offer to buy the company has completely changed his approach. With this offer, Johnson has the opportunity to leave the business at a high level. Before making a recommendation from her, Johnson must determine the value of the company through a careful review of its current and potential future products. However, this is more than just a financial decision, as Johnson and Medfield employees generally believe the company is critically important. This case is for undergraduate, MBA, executive education, and MBA executives. It is taught with a specialization in financial policy and management at the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration.

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