Marketing Planning at Just Us! Cafes

Case Solution

Sara Loudyi, Julia Sagebien, Normand Turgeon, Ian McKillop
Ivey Publishing ()

Jeff and Debra Moore are the founders of Just Us !, a fair trade coffee cooperative, retailer and wholesaler. Only U.S! is to actively promote fair trade and its benefits for producers in developing countries. The Moores have remained committed to consumer education while building a strong brand identity and maintaining steady growth. To support the main sales channel, grocery stores, management opened four cafes (two in Wolfville and Halifax) and distributed products throughout the campus. The total sales of Just Us! it continued to grow, but sales stabilized. In addition, the prevailing economic climate in Canada and increasing competition worried the founders. The Moores recently hired a new chief marketing officer who would bring a unique understanding of fair trade practices, ethical shopping, and social entrepreneurship, combine it with typical growth-oriented marketing decisions, and ultimately come up with a business plan. marketing that would consolidate the operations of the cafeteria.

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