Managing Virtual Teams (A)

Case Solution

June West, Arya Kalla, Sameer Kumar
Darden School of Business ()

Karl Henderson was a senior manager at Metrionic Systems, a network solutions provider based in Santa Clara, California. During his time there, he worked and led various cross-functional teams. When given the opportunity to lead a team spread across five continents, Henderson was confident that, with a little preparatory work, he could get along perfectly and deliver on time, as he always had. With the number of hackers recently breaking into corporate networks, the Metrionic vice president wanted the team to develop the next-generation network security product for IT professionals. Companies were looking for advanced security devices that could prevent further attacks. The bases of operations of the individual members of the team created by the vice president spanned five continents. For the first time in his life, Henderson had to consider the various aspects of virtual team leadership. After reading the case, students can assume a virtual team role. You must decide how to proceed on the first conference call. Additionally, Henderson’s role must address issues such as creating and managing global communications. See BC0211 for case B.

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