Malaysia’s Genting: Gambling on the West

Case Solution

Justin Paul, Zalina Rosli, Sumit Mitra
Ivey Publishing ()

Genting, a gaming company that monopolizes the Malaysian market, entered the UK gaming market in 2004 facing competition from established players, different customer preferences in UK casinos and changes in gaming regulations. UK government game. Genting had to rely on local management to run the business in the UK, as the market was new to the company. By operating casinos with different but established brands to meet the different needs of the market, Genting faced the challenge of creating a unique corporate identity. Despite its challenges in the UK, Genting Malaysia has seized the opportunity to enter the US market with its unique challenges, again through a local acquisition with the strategic goal of continually expanding the gaming business in the US Is this the right move for genting? What are the risks and opportunities?

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