Making RFID Work: The World’s Largest University Library RFID Implementation

Case Solution

Benjamin Yen, Boby Shiu
University of Hong Kong ()

In October 2008, the Hong Kong University Libraries (“HKU Libraries”) successfully launched an initiative to introduce radio frequency identification (“RFID”) into its main library. With the RFID initiative, HKU libraries sought to effectively manage the public and private resources made available to the institution. In 2008, the libraries served a total of 102,676 registered borrowers and had collected a total of 2.65 million items. Managing such a large amount of resources has always been a problem for HKU’s library management team. Assistant librarian Peter Sidorko saw the promise of RFID technology in better service to libraries and their patrons. After examining the possible use of RFID, HKU libraries chose the main library, one of seven branches, as the first location for the RFID initiative to start. The 2008 launch was the first phase of the RFID implementation scheme. Although initial information on the use of RFID has not yet been collected, Sidorko had to decide what the next step in this initiative should be. What should Sidorko consider when implementing future RFID strategies?

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