Liulishuo: AI English Teacher

Case Solution

John Jong-Hyun Kim, Shu Lin
Harvard Business School ()

Educators and entrepreneurs alike are excited about the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to transform the way learning will look like in the future. There is an interplay of factors such as the availability of large sources of rich and granular data; fast connectivity; powerful processing functions at lower cost; and the ubiquity of mobile devices fueling the imagination of entrepreneurs envisioning a world powered by AI to change the way learning should occur. One of the exciting companies emerging in this field is Liulishuo. Founded in 2012, Liulishuo operates mobile applications for English-speaking practice and uses artificial intelligence technologies to enable personalized and adaptable learning experiences. Co-founder Wang Yi and his colleagues believe that artificial intelligence technologies could be a disruptive force in any aspect of learning English, including improving skills and preparing for exams. They believe that artificial intelligence technology could benefit English learners around the world and make anyone a citizen of the world.

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