Li & Fung: Navigating through Disruptive Changes

Case Solution

Danielle Yew, Boon Siong Neo
ABCC at Nanyang Tech University ()

Spencer Theodore Fung slowly closed the covers of the 2016 Analyst Presentation Report that he had just reviewed. The cloudy sky over Hong Kong in March 2017 reflected his mood. In his third year as CEO of Li & Fung Limited (LF), Spencer wondered how to convince analysts used to the 17% CAGR that the 2016 results were appropriate given the company’s repositioning. There are many options, but would you believe him and give him time? With a war chest of nearly $ 1 billion and a gear of just 27%, how was he going to implement the next three-year plan? 2016, the 110th anniversary of Li & Fung’s brilliant existence, could usher in a new horizon …

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