LGB Bank: Application Integration in a Large Global Bank (Part 1)

Case Solution

Alan Megargel, Venky Shankararaman
Singapore Management University ()

This case study is divided into five parts that should be read and discussed one by one. Winston Mariota, a newly hired IT architect at LGB Bank, had developed a specialization in Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) throughout his career. Before joining LGB, Mariota had recent successes at a smaller regional bank where he replaced the outdated point-to-point integration style with a central radio integration style. This allowed the bank to better manage its existing applications and easily add new applications with minimal business disruption. Mariota was hired by LGB and offered a position based on his experience in app integration and his reputation as a problem solver. LGB specifically wanted me to review the current IT architecture and come up with a new architecture similar to the one I had implemented in the past. Although LGB was a larger bank with significant integration problems, Mariota decided to take up the challenge. He accepted the job offer to join the Singapore-based LGB tech division.

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