Lemon Tree Hotels: Opening Doors for Everyone

Case Solution

Shuchi Srinivasan, Akshay Milap, Pearl Malhotra, Harsh Dadhich, Ajay Kathuria
Ivey Publishing ()

On January 1, 2017, the head of sustainability initiatives at Lemon Tree Hotels (Lemon Tree) in India reflected on the future of the company’s diversity and inclusion initiative. Since the initiative began in 2007, Lemon Tree has grown to become the largest employer of people with disabilities in the Indian hospitality industry. In 2014, Lemon Tree set an ambitious goal of increasing the proportion of disadvantaged people, including people with disabilities, to 45 percent of its workforce by 2025, key concerns for expanding the initiative beyond its current level. For example, where would the company recruit and hire people with disabilities, what would the costs be, and what specific types of disabilities would the initiative be open to? And above all: How would Lemon Tree maintain its sustainability framework, which is based on the three pillars of the triple bottom line: Profit, Planet and People? Instead, should the company seek deeper integration and more gradual growth that allows it to consolidate its previous experience but requires a more in-depth analysis of training and implementation needs? The sustainability officer had to discuss these options with management and plan the company’s approach to integrating people with disabilities and others without opportunities into the workforce in the most operational and cultural way possible.

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