Lego Group: Building Strategy

Case Solution

Darren Meister, Paul Bigus
Ivey Publishing ()

World-famous toy manufacturer The LEGO Group (LEGO) is assembling an internal management team to produce a strategic report on LEGO’s various product lines and business activities. Lego threats have emerged in the toy industry in recent years. The Walt Disney Company’s acquisition of Marvel Entertainment had a significant impact on valuable toy licensing deals. LEGO also recently lost a lengthy legal battle with main competitor MEGA Brands, the creators of MEGA Bloks, with a European Union court ruling eliminating the LEGO brick brand. Additionally, new competition from Hasbro, the world’s second-largest toy maker, is preparing to enter the market, with the company launching a new line of competing products called KreO. It is vital for the management team to figure out where Lego’s product lines and operations can expand in order to develop a competitive strategy that continues the company’s financial success and dominance in the construction toy market in recent years.

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