Leadership Under High Pressure

Case Solution

Jan Hagen
ESMT - European School of Management & Technology ()

When faced with a corporate crisis, managers must operate under conditions that are fundamentally different from those found in normal management processes. You may need to work with specialized teams and understand their priorities and decision-making processes without giving up your own responsibilities. The following case simulation confronts participants with a growing crisis situation in an unfamiliar environment and requires a series of team decisions under time pressure. The case is based on real experiences of the German Air Force during its ISAF mission in Afghanistan. Participants are divided into groups of four, each group is responsible for a large military transport plane and its mission. Within the groups, each participant assumes the role of a specific member of the flight crew. Each participant receives individual instructions on her roles and tasks, as well as background information on the other crew members. Based on this information, teams must prepare and carry out their flight missions. The main objective of the simulation is to show the challenges of exchanging information within a team and making decisions under time pressure in an unfamiliar environment.

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