Leadership and Teaming, Module Note

Case Solution

Ethan S. Bernstein
Harvard Business School ()

Small differences in how teams are run can have a big impact on the success of your efforts. Many initiatives do not fail because of a fatal miscalculation or because of insufficient ideas, knowledge, motivation or skills to provide a solution. They fail because, as they often hear, “we had to be more of a team to be successful,” “we weren’t a high-performing team,” or “our team suffered from a lack of leadership.” In a world where most corporate problems are too complex to be tackled by a single person, leadership often involves designing, implementing, and managing teams. And yet the teams are in a bad mood. Even as teams become more common at all levels of organizations, overwhelming numbers of them fail or fail to realize their potential. Teams remain the strongest and most flexible units of learning, change, and performance in most organizations, but they require effective leadership to be successful. This notice summarizes the conditions that leaders can create to increase the chances of creating, managing, and participating in successful teamwork environments.

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