Leader as Coach: Restoring Employee Motivation and Performance (A)

Case Solution

Karen L Cates, Brenda Ellington-Booth
Kellogg School of Management ()

Kiera, a young and enthusiastic sales representative, was recently promoted to the head of a five-person sales team. In his first year on the job, he embarked on a major review of outdated company training materials and organized a regional conference for his area, but neither his boss nor his company seemed to appreciate the work he had done. Without the support and guidance of her boss, Kiera was confused. What should she do? Parts A and B of the case present two different perspectives on coaching. Part A contains a story from the point of view of “coachee” Kiera, who learned to deal with her boss, eventually with the help of an executive coach. This case focuses on coaching as a tool to improve self-management and relationship management and to improve personal performance. Part B describes how Kiera began to learn the “coach approach” to managing her team under the continued guidance of her executive coach. She learned to use the same skills that her coach used in Part A to diagnose her team, share feedback, and communicate expectations. She learned to listen and ask thought-provoking questions, but she also had to expand her knowledge of “other management” and develop her own coaching skills to improve the performance of her team.

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