La Fageda: An Outrageous Initiative

Case Solution

Montse Segarra, Ignacio Ochoa, Jose A. Segarra

La Fageda is a social initiative that employs disabled and mentally ill people from La Garrotxa (Girona) and helps them to integrate into society through the production and marketing of high quality yogurt. The case study proposes growth alternatives and their consequences. La Fageda and its leadership materialize in the person of Christopher Columbus, its founder and president. What started as a worker cooperative is now a complex structure consisting of a worker and consumer cooperative and two foundations (a benefit foundation and a relief foundation) in which governance, management and other interests are intertwined. The case study analyzes the alternatives to ensure the continuity of the social initiative, reflecting the governmental and institutional structure. Ancillary topics are also considered, including a financial social report, communication guidelines, and financial data.

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