Justice-as-a-Service at RightNow

Case Solution

Shikhar Ghosh, Amir Reza Rezvani
Harvard Business School ()

The case examines a company’s early stage approach and how an unexpected external incident can threaten or destroy the business model. It covers topics such as Minimum Viable Product, definition and pivot of a business model, organizational requirements for a pivot, investor relations, disruptive business models, and business behavior in continental Europe. In 2017, Dr. Torben Antretter, former competitive tennis player and academic researcher, RightNow with the two co-founders of him. RightNow has set itself the goal of offering “JusticeasaService” to consumers by acquiring their legal rights that they would not otherwise pursue. Just a year after its creation, the company had closed a $ 25 million financing to increase its market share and take advantage of new growth opportunities. After the closing of this funding round, things took a sudden and unexpected turn when the country’s Supreme Court ruled that airlines no longer have to refund airline tickets. That decision ruined RightNow’s profit margins. Antretter and his co-founders had to decide what to do with the business. How should founders approach investors? Should they give up and abandon their entrepreneurial dream or try to reinvent the business with a different approach? What would be the strategy for the future?

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