Joe Willis: Feeling the Heat in Thailand (C)

Case Solution

Lynn Isabella, Darcy Langlais, Gerry Yemen
Darden School of Business ()

Sometimes good, tried and true American team building exercises just don’t work. While this is usually successful with teams made up of people from different areas of an organization, what happens when teams are made up of people from different geographic areas, such as the United States and Asia, which has a number of unique differences? This case follows the experiences of an executive who was sent to Bangkok, Thailand, with two other managers from corporate headquarters to clean up and team up after fiscal mismanagement and the firing of a senior executive were discovered. This three-part case series places students in the position of a certified public accountant tasked with trying to strengthen weakened relationships and performance at Fasco Motors, Thailand. The material describes his efforts to restore confidence in the Bangkok management team and the difficulties he encounters in all respects while working as an outsider.

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