Case Solution

Susan Goldsworthy, Kamran Kashani, Lisa Duke
IMD ()

Jan Van Hasenbroek, an entrepreneur founder and managing partner of IG&H consulting firm, is in trouble. He is known in his company as the “red pencil” manager for his micromanagement of consultants’ works, often with a red pencil correcting or modifying their presentations. That leadership was once tolerated but it has become increasingly dysfunctional leading to the departure of valued consultants and partners and a drop in the company’s growth. Meanwhile, Jan’s marriage has fallen apart due to his total devotion to his work at the expense of his family. The case raises choices faced by Jan, whether to step back and let someone else to lead IG&H, a company he has devoted his entire career to; or to stay on but with a different leadership behaviourif he can or willing to make the change. In addition to evaluating Jan’s current leadership, the reader should also recommend an action that is of interest to IG&H and its growth ambitions.

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