Issues in Assessing the Impact of Social Investment: The Local Initiatives Support Corporation (A) (Epilogue)

Case Solution

Alexander Von Hoffman, Peter Zimmerman
Harvard Kennedy School ()

In the early 1980s, the Ford Foundation, among other donors, helped create a new type of organization to fund the renovation of older inner-city neighborhoods, both through home and other renovations. investments. The Local Initiatives Support Corporation will not carry out any projects on its own, but will act as a kind of bank that chooses from proposals from non-profit development organizations. But LISC in no way provided non-binding grants. Instead, she wanted to reassure herself and investors that her investment would be worth it. When calling in a team of consultants to measure return on investment for LISC, they must first consider how such a return might be defined in the first place. Should LISC consider only financial data when repaying loans made? Or should you consider the catalytic effects of the organizations you support in your surrounding neighborhoods? How or should these effects be measured? Case number HKS 1370.0

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