Intrapreneurship: Leading Innovation Efforts in Established Organizations

Case Solution

Karen Gordon Mills, Annie Dang
Harvard Business School ()

“Intrapreneurship” is the use of business management techniques in established companies to create new environments that foster innovation. Mature companies were constantly exposed to the risk of being excluded by competitors, changing consumer preferences, and disruptive innovations. This threat has intensified enormously in recent decades with the advent of new technologies with far-reaching relevance to business practices, increasing the pressure to innovate or doom. Entrepreneurs responsible for innovation have to ask themselves: What do they want to achieve? Is your company facing a specific strategic challenge? Is innovation at the core of your company’s mission? Or do you just want the company to be open to new ideas and be more innovative? How strongly should innovation efforts be integrated into the company? In this communication, we focus on innovations that are critical to the business and pose a real threat to its future, and we provide a framework to structure innovation efforts in more traditional organizations.

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