InterfaceRAISE: Sustainability Consulting

Case Solution

Michael W. Toffel, Robert G. Eccles, Casey Taylor
Harvard Business School ()

InterfaceRAISE is a sustainability management consultancy founded to leverage the skills of its parent company Interface Inc., a carpet manufacturer recognized as a world leader in corporate environmental sustainability. This case illustrates the challenges of turning an in-house skill into a customer-centric revenue stream. This is made difficult by the fact that the parent company is a manufacturing company and InterfaceRAISE is a professional services (consulting) company. InterfaceRAISE is not occupied by a classic consulting company model, but is based on the part-time availability of employees from the parent company. At the time of the procedure, InterfaceRAISE was busy identifying the appropriate business model for the type of consulting firm desired, determining the client base and determining the pricing structure. InterfaceRAISE had to decide how to accelerate its growth while improving its three goals: improving the sustainability performance of its customers, improving the brand and sales of its parent company, and increasing operating profit.

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