Innovation through Collaborative Partnerships: Creating the MSN News iPad App at VanceInfo Technologies

Case Solution

Pamela Abbott, Yingqin Zheng, Rong Du
Journal of Information Technology ()

This teaching case focuses on a joint project between a large software and services outsourcing company in China (VanceInfo Technologies) and one of its large Western clients (Microsoft Inc.). VanceInfo and Microsoft had a long-term customer-supplier relationship since 1997 and the project was the result of that long-term partnership agreement. The project was rated as quite successful and innovative; Thus, it provided an opportunity to determine how collaborative innovation could work between two distant and culturally different supply chain partners, and how the lessons learned from this project could be used to educate OHS providers on ways to move the value chain towards customer-centric value. additional services. The case delves into the actual labor practices that enabled the distributed Microsoft / VanceInfo team to create an innovative commercialized product. Agile methodologies have been vitally important to the operation of these work practices and are being carefully studied in terms of how they have been adapted for use in a distributed and intercultural environment. Users of the case studies are asked to provide answers to several questions that are intended to provide general guidelines that SSO providers can follow to achieve similar successful results.

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