Improving the Clinical-Care Pathway of an Ayurvedic Hospital: A Teaching Case for Developing Process Improvement Capabilities

Case Solution

Wasana Bandara, Dharshani Thennakoon, Rehan Syed, Paul Mathiesen, K K D S Ranaweera
Journal of Information Technology ()

Business process management (BPM) is a topic that has received a lot of attention in business informatics research and practice. While adoption is growing rapidly, many organizations struggle to find BPM experts with the right skills, so BPM education is also an area of ​​growing interest. A great challenge for BPM training is the lack of teaching materials. Properly written BPM teaching cases derived from real-world case scenarios have proven to be a valuable tool to fill this gap. However, context-rich teaching cases dealing with BPM remain rare. This teaching case, specially developed for training purposes to improve business processes, is designed as a comprehensive resource to fill this gap. On request, teachers can also have teaching notes with extensive accompanying multimedia material. This case study is based on an actual patient care process at a national Ayurvedic hospital in Sri Lanka. With its position as a leading national institute for Ayurvedic research and teaching, the hospital has the potential to establish powerful national and global impulses with Ayurvedic innovations. This narrative describes the current patient care process in detail and challenges students to analyze the current process and derive justifiable creative / innovative recommendations with a high impact that can be implemented in the context of the case and improve business processes in the hospital. .

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