IMPAAKT: Crowdsourcing Better ESG Ratings

Case Solution

Benoit Leleux, Pablo Percelsi, Rene Rozendal, Pietro Valenzano Menada, Stefan Witschi
IMD ()

The rise in responsible investing around the world over the past decades – accelerated by growing debates around climate change, business ethics, and the distribution of wealth – has driven the development of consistent and reliable methods to measure corporate impacts. environmental, social and governance (ESG). . However, the existing ESG rating methods not only differ greatly from each other, but are generally also based on the practice itself (products) and not on the end effect (result). To measure the latter, a Geneva-based company called Impaakt has developed a digital platform that uses the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a benchmark and incorporates the collective intelligence of the global community (following a model similar to Wikipedia). to achieve this ambitious goal Goal to be achieved. This case examines the strategies behind the design of such a platform, examines the importance of scale and sides, and examines the extent to which social and environmental impacts can be objectively measured.

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