HSBC–The Bital Acquisition

Case Solution

Jeffrey Gandz, Allen Morrison, David Barrett
Ivey Publishing ()

HSBC is one of the largest and most global financial institutions in the world. The company identified Bital, Mexico’s fourth largest bank, as a possible acquisition target. Negotiations are going well and the controlling Mexican shareholders are trying to get HSBC to increase its offer. It’s worth it? HSBC must, under some degree of uncertainty, decide on both strategic and short-term financial criteria, which is illuminated by a due diligence process. The HSBC manager, who handled the acquisition locally and would be the CEO of HSBC Mexico if it closed, will assess the pros and cons of the acquisition and will also need to set priorities that he and his team should address, including cultural issues. change, rename Bital to HSBC México, personnel matters and maintain business continuity.

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