Hopax (A)

Case Solution

Jean-Louis Schaan
Ivey Publishing ()

The three-case series is about how a midsize Taiwanese company approaches 3M’s competition in global markets. The series spans a 14-year period. Case A begins in 1994 when 3M decides to initiate a lawsuit against companies (including Hopax) that sell repositionable tickets that compete with 3M’s successful PostIt tickets in the US How should Hopax react? Case B explains that, unlike the other players, Hopax decides to fight in court. Staples, Hopax’s largest customer in the United States, decides to terminate their contract. What should Hopax do now? Case C recounts the events leading up to 2008 and explains how the company applies the principles of the “judo strategy” to become the second largest supplier of repositionable banknotes in the world. The series allows students to explore options for smaller innovative companies trying to compete in global markets with large, resource-rich players who do not hesitate to use the courts to eliminate their smaller competitors.

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