HelloSelf: Foundation

Case Solution

John R. Wells, Benjamin Weinstock
Harvard Business School ()

HelloSelf, a London-based “BrainTech” company founded by Charles Wells a year earlier, got off to a soft start on January 6, 2019. The suggestion was simply to help its members “be the best you can be.” The company offered its registered members access to a clinical psychotherapist, a life coach, and an artificial intelligence engine that enabled one-on-one counseling. The platform gave members the opportunity to set goals, track progress, and discover new things about themselves. In the past nine months, more than 500 people had expressed interest in the offering, the price points tested, the competitors analyzed, the members and specialists interviewed, and the wireframes developed, but there were still some questions on Wells’s mind. Did subscribing to the LifeCoach bot model in combination with Payasyougo therapist sessions make sense? How did you attract a first cohort of users? How would HelloSelf interact with mental health solutions in the UK? How quickly would the platform scale and learn to provide meaningful AI support for both therapists and the LifeCoach bot? And above all: Will the platform fulfill the mission of “helping everyone discover, understand and experience the best of themselves”?

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