Helarctos Ventures: Investing in Seed-Stage Start-Ups

Case Solution

Matthew Wong
Ivey Publishing ()

In early 2016, Canada’s venture capital (VC) investment environment grew and as a result, exciting new startups have successfully partnered with a range of discerning investors. Ajay Joshi, a partner at Helarctos Ventures (HV), a Toronto, Canada-based venture capital fund, was a seasoned wireless technology entrepreneur and accomplished venture capitalist. HV, founded in 2013, had invested in 28 tech startups, six of which were successfully acquired. But despite successes in the past, Joshi and the HV team had to constantly re-evaluate their process in an increasingly diverse environment of hungry and enthusiastic startups and make sure they were applying the right criteria to evaluate investments that were going away. . Every investment in a startup was a major decision and represented a significant, long-term investment of finite capital, time, and energy. Joshi and HV had to be sure of their decisions when security was tight.

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