Health Leads: Reaching for Impact (B)

Case Solution

V. Kasturi Rangan, Sarah Appleby
Harvard Business School ()

Case B documents the development of a system-level impact strategy in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape for a nonprofit organization that focuses on serving the basic social needs of patients through healthcare facilities. . Founded in 1996 with a volunteer help desk at Boston Medical Center that connects low-income patients with basic resources such as heating support, professional training, and child care programs, the nonprofit has grown to 6 cities and 1,000 volunteers in 2013, serving more than 11,000 patients a year. . At the end of a successful “Test Plan” period, Health Leads co-founder and CEO Rebecca Onie and her team were faced with the question of how meeting the social needs of patients in the United States could become a Standard Part of Healthcare: Health’s Proven Model Recreate Leaders or Start a Wellness Movement?

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