Growth and Transition at Onex Corporation

Case Solution

W. Glenn Rowe, Rod E. White, Maria Semenova
Ivey Publishing ()

In its 30-year history, Onex Corporation, a Canadian investment firm, had derived much of its success from the private equity sector. This was done by acquiring attractive portfolio companies, increasing their value by improving their financial and operating performance, and selling them a few years later to obtain an attractive return. However, given market conditions in 2015, Onex Corporation struggled to successfully acquire the target companies, which was compounded by the high level of cash on its balance sheet. As a result, the company has been forced to actively seek growth in other sectors, especially in credit-oriented investment strategies. Given the growth objectives of Onex Corporation, the CEO and his management team had to rethink the business areas in which their company should be involved. How could you effectively position the company’s corporate structure, internal processes, and know-how to benefit from credit-oriented investment strategies?

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