Growing Pains at Stroz Friedberg

Case Solution

David A. Garvin, Carin-Isabel Knoop
Harvard Business School ()

In late spring 2009, Stroz Friedberg co-chairs Edward Stroz and Eric Friedberg had to set growth targets for 2010. The leading global consulting firm they had created specialized in managing digital risk and discovering evidence. digital and had grown very rapidly. Together with the company’s chief financial officer, they believed the company could grow from $ 58 million to $ 72 million, a year-on-year growth rate of 27%. However, the company’s eleven offices had submitted initial plans for fiscal 2010 that combined company-wide sales of just $ 53 million, a growth rate of minus 10.2%. Previous years of rapid growth had been successful but challenging, and a comprehensive review of corporate culture, systems, structure, and processes in late 2008 had resulted in a number of major changes that the organization was still undergoing. adapting. Stroz and Friedberg wondered if they should push for more aggressive growth.

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