Growing Mapletree: Singapore’s Real Estate Finance Company (A)

Case Solution

Gerard George, Adina Wong, Lipika Bhattacharya
Singapore Management University ()

In 2015, Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd (Mapletree), a Singapore-based capital and real estate management company, was due to launch its new five-year growth plan. The key decisions the company had to make were: Should Mapletree expand its reach geographically outside of Asia? Should you also consider moving into any of the new college dorms, corporate housing, and data center asset classes that you are currently evaluating? The case is divided into two parts. Case A takes place in December 2014 and looks at the strategic decisions that the company must make for future growth. You have several options to grow in existing markets, expand your product portfolio, or open a new market. Mapletree adopted a hybrid strategy and opted for a combined approach that included some geographic diversification, as well as a strong push for new products in existing markets. Case A also explains how Mapletree created its initial five-year plan and expanded into Asia before venturing into western markets. Case B takes place in 2019 and focuses on how Mapletree has reached its second growth stage. The deciding factor here is how the company has organized internally to achieve growth. The talking points in this case revolve around the elements of common incentives, clearly coordinated plans, and a successful implementation team culture. The case also explains how Mapletree created its new five-year plan with a clear and ambitious goal of doubling its assets under management (AUM) and then supporting it with specific product and geographic market initiatives.

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