Greenco Enterprises India Pvt. Ltd.: Market Strategy for Frozen Snacks

Case Solution

Ruppal Walia Sharma, Mridula S. Mishra
Ivey Publishing ()

In November 2016, the two co-founders of Delhi-based Greenco Enterprises India Pvt. Limited. they were preparing to launch a range of frozen snacks in the competitive Indian market. Their strategy was to penetrate the already established non-vegetarian frozen snack market with popular and fast-moving products and expand the vegetarian frozen snack market with differentiated offerings. As the January 2017 launch date approached, they had to define their pricing and sales strategy. Securing shelf space was a challenge for a new brand on a budget. The two founders wondered if the company should focus all its efforts on creating a private brand in the business-to-consumer segment or if it should consider institutional sales in the business-to-business segment. How to reconcile initial capital and operating costs with the need to remain competitive in the market?

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