Granite Rock Co.

Case Solution

James C. Collins, Dave Witherow
Stanford Graduate School of Business ()

Granite Rock is an exceptionally well-run company and, despite a 6% profit margin, it has consistently gained market share in a commodities business dominated by multinational giants. The case contains a brief history of Granite Rock from its inception in 1895 to 1992, the year the company received the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. It offers the opportunity to observe an ideological company that has used its values ​​for the company. It analyzes the inner workings of Granite Rock, which is rich in management mechanisms and practices that drive the company to continually improve critical aspects of its business. The entire organization and management are driven by a passion for the continuous improvement process. It illustrates how processes and mechanisms can be institutionalized so that a company becomes an exciting and pulsating “clock”.

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